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Learn to swim – swimming school Sharks Belgrade

Welcome to our skola plivanja u Beogradu, the place for all ages to begin their strong foundation in learning to swim and water protection and improvement on while much while your own features can allow.
We instruct kids to adults.
Newbies to advanced and beyond.
All of our trainers come with a prosperity of varied understanding to help to make your going swimming encounter the very best encounter you could ever receive.
We also have great strong management in functioning with particular requirements and go swimming counseling classes.
We satisfaction ourselves in offering each person client the best info and possibilities to improvement and achieve.
Whether you are wishing to overcome anxieties, learning to go swimming, enhancing your endurance or technique, wishing to compete professionally, or basically simply wanting go swimming fitness.
We in skola plivanja college can offer you with every necessity and chance to succeed.
We are a strong friendly group who are often looking to improve even further in giving our clients a 5* encounter.

Our Philosophy
The Sharks ethos is that teaching should be both instructive and inspiring and that learning going swimming should be fun. Not really in a flippant method, of program, but a positive, pleasurable student encounter underpins the study of every discipline and swimming is usually no exception!
Sharks was founded in 2008. Our first-rate coaching methods have been formulated by drawing on the combined professional expertise gained over many years by Srdjan swimming coach and his team of top international swimmers and teachers to create a robust and results-orientated programme.
By virtue of accelerated learning, our swimmers fulfil their potential faster. Emphasis is placed on stroke technique, efficiency and stamina and all our pupils achieve the level of competence in swimming to which they aspire.
The Sharks modular learn-to-swim programme is highly-regarded in Belgrade. Our pupils are given a rigorous training regimen that enables many of our talented swimmers to graduate to some of the capital’s top swim clubs.

Sharks run adult swimming courses for absolute beginners, as well as for those with a basic grasp of swimming, but who lack technique in the two long-axis swimming strokes – front-crawl and back-stroke.
Taught from the water, our 1: 1 – 3: 1 courses incorporate the following components: water modification, protection abilities, confidence-building, submergence, deep breathing control, stability and co-ordination; the important abilities of suspended, sliding and stopping; developing an gratitude of drinking water; the fundamental aspect of propulsion; the bio-mechanics of back-stroke and front-crawl, whilst enhancing deep drinking water self-confidence.
Nevertheless, people who may swim breast-stroke just will possess to enrol for newbies ’ classes to learn both front-crawl and back-stroke. Once newbies possess accomplished the needed minimal regular, they may, at the discretion of the Sharks trainer, improvement to the intermediate level, becoming a member of additional swimmers of an identical regular in one of our group classes.
Our beginners courses comprise four or 10x 30 or 60 minute classes and may be booked at mutually-convenient times during the week or at weekends.

Obuka neplivaca – skola plivanja

Life coach – personal development

Lifestyle Training is an exclusive procedure that is different from consulting, mentoring, therapy, or guidance.

To be totally transparent, I am not really a certified counselor nor therapist but I will guide you to an amount that I am familiar with if that is your desired route. Nevertheless, I in the morning an authorized Lifestyle Mentor and a Tom Maxwell Group Command Mentor who desires to function with most people who desire to develop, broaden and develop.

My training procedure is certainly tailored to your particular personal tasks, business success, general circumstances and changes in your lifestyle, relationships or profession by examining what is normally heading in correct now, helping you discover what your issues or hurdles might be, and assisting you in buying a course of action to maximize your ability to reach for the stones.
How Will Lifestyle trainer Mirjana Lifestyle Training Function?

Lifestyle trainer Mirjana Lifestyle Training Review:

Introductory Training Assessment (30 minutes ) No Charge
60 minute “Strategic Positioning ” session
One 60-minute telephone /video call per week for period of agreement
Email support between sessions
Occasional brief check-in calls
You can select an hourly rate, arranging ad hoc or take advantage of one of my packages. Examine them out here.

Sesije licnog razvoja

Existence coach Mirjana Existence Coaching is an intentional alliance between myself and the client, where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to you, the client. I believe that you know the answers to every query or challenge you may have in your existence, actually if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside.

My skills are focused about knowing the right questions to ask and listening to your reactions. Then by having the right tools and techniques available, I can help empower you to find those answers within yourself.

Let’s face it, you, the client, are the only actual expert in your entire life who truly knows who you are and what you need. You are the only expert who can recognize what is definitely totally best for you. What I perform is certainly help you discover the required power and wishes to make it happen.

Every time you produce choices to do or not do many things. Some are extremely deliberate while others are performed under pressure. These options may range from powerful to the unimportant and each one provides an impact that makes your lifestyle even more satisfying or much less satisfying, even more well balanced or much less well balanced, that make our procedure of living even more effective or much less effective. Lifestyle training assists you discover ways to make options that create an effective, well balanced and satisfying lifestyle.

My objective is certainly to help you join your mind and your heart in a method that transforms your passion for your dreams into action for your lifestyle.

I actually have many years of knowledge simply because a generalist and may trainer you in discovering fresh potential in any factor of lifestyle. Nevertheless, you may decide to are skilled in one or even more of the pursuing areas:

Profession Management
Purposeful Living
The Understanding of Lifestyle Balance
Self-confidence, Self-Worth + Personal Esteem
Caring Associations That Work
Career Switch – Creating Workplaces That Work
Servant Management and Management
Taming of self – Controlling Anger, Upsets, Aggravation and Stress
Controlling Suffering, Loss, Unhappiness and Change
Connection instead of Communication
Self plus Identity – Intentional Living in the 21s testosterone levels Century
Understanding the Planetary User interface – Sustainability

Make sure you take this minute to get in touch with us now for your Introductory assessment and look for out what lifestyle training may carry out for you. This one click can transformation your lifestyle permanently.


Gps pracenje vozila – Gps vehicle tracking

Real-time GPS vehicle tracking

Satgard GPS Fleets is an advanced web-based navy management tool, used for an efficient and convenient management of your vehicles. This particular system hands you full access to all the important and detailed details that are essential for great governance over your fast of automobiles.
Our program trails gasoline amounts of the patrol tanks, reduces the high costs produced by an automobile fast, calculates the ideal destination path and studies the drivers ´ beds behavior. All the talked about features that our program provides increase efficiency and boost revenue.
Extra modules are designed to enhance the system’s productivity and bring brand-new horizons into your experience with Satgard GPS Fast management system. That is normally why our group is normally definitely included in the decision-making over potential item advancement in this field.

Real-time GPS vehicle tracking

Gasoline container level monitoring is an important dimension when success shows up into query, whether it all end up being protection or prevention of energy fraud.
Satgard Gps navigation monitoring program was created in purchase to effectively measure and manage energy usage in your automobile. Precise energy level dimension offers helped our companions improve their business. The costs possess instantly lowered which offers kept them cash not only on fuel but even on precious time, not to mention the reduction of harmful gas emissions which pollute the environment and heighten human health risks.
Based on the data from a variety of fuel level sensors, CAN-bus connectors and other telemetric devices, the metrics are transmitted in real time to generate comprehensive and rather intuitive reports. A vast range of modules will fulfill your fuel-related jobs and allow usage control, considerably getting down business expenditures and avoiding energy fraud.


Keeping monitor of set resources provides logistical and protection concerns to any kind of firm. By trusting Satgard Gps navigation remedy with the collection and digesting of data, as well as incident confirming, you will acquire actually even more period needed for additional business actions.
By entrusting the very difficult function of metrics collection, data refinement and incident credit reporting to our Satgard Gps navigation asset monitoring solution, you get even more period for additional business actions, pending your insight. By collating all the info collected by our products and showing it in a consumer friendly user interface, you obtain the full background of all the times, instances and places.
Our program for asset monitoring is produced up of several supplementary sensors and telemetric accessories.
Combined with numerous supplementary sensors and telemetric accessories available on the market, our asset monitoring solution allows remote diagnostics of construction equipment, cold rooms, diesel generators, containers and other portable machinery in an easy and manageable manner.

Satgard GPS tracking platform is used by hundreds of companies in a large part of Europe, mostly because it is in agreement with numerous regulations and rules of the road.
While abiding by all the strict laws, rules and regulations, our fleet management system is very useful in managing the behavior of the driver and the safety of the vehicle. The mere costs of beginning up and operating a business are currently high plenty of, that’s why its therefore essential to thoroughly adhere to the method in which the automobile is usually managed all the while making sure the secure passing of the delivery itself.
We have built add-on segments to provide accurate assessments of each person drivers, which allows the most accomplished motorists to be recognized and further rewarded.


Once the fast administration becomes a tool that actively boosts your personnel ´ s i9000 function, you will understand that with our option you certainly possess the whole design and detailed info of the fast at your convenience and will be persuaded that all of your assets are optimally used.

In addition to the above, following your workers outside the company during company period is extremely essential not really only due to their safety but due to function etiquette and methods. Our program works for you tirelessly long after work hours as well, our system provides similar solutions for your most loved ones, your family and even your pets.

Satgard GPS software was created by design in order to ensure complete vehicle safety and to deliver much needed information in time of need. Our system ´ s i9000 general program can accommodate particular variables which are essential when it comes to avoidance of fraud whether it end up being your car or your property.

We provide a solution for gain access to control to the business, which may be quickly integrated with your video security program and your thief security alarm which safeguards your building and the encircling region. Satgard Gps navigation happily presents general solutions for technical security systems for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Because it was designed to fulfill the anticipations of a large number of users from different fields of work, Satgard Gps is as useful for private companies as for government institutions to which the surveillance of office space is of outmost importance.

Valuables space and heat are two of the most important measurements in the industry that deals with sensitive valuables. A simple miscalculation could cause a ripple effect that would lead a variety of unfavorable results.
Satgard GPS software is able to collect all the relevant data from numerous thermal sensors of various types which are connected to devices that measure, track and report on degrees of heat inside the valuables transportation space, in real time. Our users are notified of warning levels via the system or SMS message hence allowing the drivers more than enough period to intervene and correct the issue.


Podrinje Komerc

Building Business Podrinje Komerc is one of the businesses with the richest custom in civil anatomist in Serbia and its broader surroundings. It is also one of the few companies that emerged from the economic transition as stronger and more stable. The business activities of the our company are based on the 70-year-long experience in the construction of the buildings located on three continents, in ten countries and dozens of different urban settlements. For its completed facilities in Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Russian Federation and the former Yugoslav republics, our company won numerous investors ’ awards for quality, high standard of construction and preserved architectural heritage.

Construction company in Belgrade

Podrinje Komerc is a construction company in Belgrade, specialised in high end residential and commercial projects.

Our construction experience in Serbia includes adding storeys to Victorian blocks of flats in conservation areas, new builds for private homes and small blocks of flats, extensions, loft conversions, basements in listed buildings, conversions from office to residential and more.

Our projects are managed following a successfully tested procedure, designed to assign the ideal group for every building task.

We function with highly specialized sub-contractors and tradespeople, to use the construction group with the correct experience. For cellars, loft conversions, extensions, refurbishments, fittings, you will constantly obtain the correct group for you.

We partner with architecture companies to provide preparation and style solutions, to ensure that you will function with the correct professional, from a simple preparation permission to more complicated preparation applications.

For the construction, each task is assigned a dedicated task supervisor plus a structural professional, fully covered by professional indemnity insurance, to ensure the structural design is implemented correctly.

Our structural engineers can easily also optimise the structure in progress, when shifts are needed during the works, at zero extra cost.

Armatura – armaturna mreža

Decorative Stones company from Novi Sad

Decorative stones Serbia – Novi Sad

Welcome to Rock Storage place – a single of the Serbia most significant merchants of Decorative stones
Selecting the correct provider pertaining to your ornamental back garden provides can easily sometimes become challenging. You want a business you can trust, secure in the understanding that you are choosing an exceptional provider of decorative aggregates.
Stone Warehouse is one of the largest online suppliers of gravel, slate, chippings, cobbles, pebbles, rockery stone and rock salt. We can deliver to you directly within two to three working days from receipt of your order. If you require a NEXT DAY delivery, just place your order before 1p m on the previous day and choose the ‘ Next Day ‘ delivery option at checkout (an extra charge will be applied for this service ). We take great pride in our customer service. Our high quality decorative aggregates are shown with prices inclusive of VAT and delivery, and we guarantee a transparent service with no hidden charges.
Take a look around our site to find out more about the great array of items, and also to obtain some great concepts about how exactly to make the the majority of your outdoor living space. We’ll help you select the greatest feasible items while offering a friendly, effective assistance.

Possess nothing at all but praise for the group. Second period purchasing paddlestones. Speech to one of the women on the group about my earlier purchase. She got the period to confirm when I got produced buys and precisely what type of rock I purchased. Producing it simple to re also purchase.
Issue with their website thanks to the quantity of individuals purchasing. Few of phone calls once again with the women in the workplace and issue solved. And they shifted my purchase back again to the first day I needed delivery.
Great group. Assistance. Delivery. O and the paddle rocks are prefect

Superb service and great products at great prices. I’ve utilized them twice in the last week and the one negative is normally that their local delivery agent (to Salisbury) was spot on when delivering my first order, but totally rubbish when arriving at my house with the second order – the delivery driver was Mr ATTITUDE and wouldn’t bring the pallet onto my drive but left it on the road. I did raise this with Stone Warehouse, but never received a reply to my email, hence the four star revue.

Dekorativni kamen i stampani beton

Pleased with the quality of the slate, they sent the delivery on a bigger wagon than they said they would and he couldn’t get down my street, although the driver parked on a different street and helped drag the pallet down to the house. 5 stars for that driver.